Motorsport Tyres


Mickey Thompson ET DRAG

A Proven Drag Strip Winner
Real world research and development give M/T® slicks the edge over competitive brands. Engineered for maximum traction and consistent ET's with superior construction and compounding for nearly every drag race application.

- Multiple Compounds and Sizes
- Compounded For Maximum Traction
- Requires Little or No Burnout
- Engineered For Consistent Performance

Mickey Thompson ET DRAG

MTT-3010 22.0/8.0-13 L8 ET DRAG
MTT-3014 24.5/8.0-13 L8 ET DRAG
MTT-3015 24.5/8.0-15 L8 ET DRAG
MTT-3016 24.5/9.0-13 L8 ET DRAG
MTT-3019 22.0/8.0-15 L8 ET DRAG
MTT-3020 26.0/8.5-14 L8 ET DRAG
MTT-3055C 28.0/10.5-15C L4 ET DRAG
MTT-3056 29.5/9.0-15 L8 ET DRAG