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LM Sport 704

Dunlop LM Sport 704

The Dunlop SP Sport LM704 is the perfect car tyre for a wide range of vehicles, from small to family-sized. With precise handling for a smooth driving experience, reduced noise and improved grip even in wet conditions, this tyre is capable of more than ever before. It is also available in a wide range of sizes to suit many vehicle types.

Delivering advanced tread wear compared to its predecessor thanks to a new innovative silica tread compound, the Dunlop SP Sport LM704 has reduced rolling resistance while providing greater contact area on the road, so you get the performance you need at the best value.

Dunlop LM Sport 704

Available Sizes

  • 175/65R14 82H
  • 175/70R13 82H
  • 185/55R15 82V
  • 185/60R14 82H
  • 185/65R14 86H
  • 185/65R15 88H
  • 185/70R14 88H
  • 195/50R15 82V
  • 195/55R15 85V
  • 195/60R14 86H
  • 195/60R15 88V
  • 195/65R14 89H
  • 195/65R15 91V
  • 195/70R14 91H
  • 205/40ZR17 84W XL
  • 205/45ZR16 83W
  • 205/50R16 87V
  • 205/50R17 89V
  • 205/55R16 91V
  • 205/60R15 91V
  • 205/60R16 92H
  • 205/65R15 94V
  • 205/65R16 95H
  • 205/70R15 96H
  • 215/45ZR17 91W XL
  • 215/50R17 91V
  • 215/55R16 93V
  • 215/55R17 94V
  • 215/60R15 94H
  • 215/60R16 95H
  • 215/60R17 96H
  • 215/65R15 96H
  • 215/65R16 98H
  • 225/40R18 92W
  • 225/45ZR17 94W XL
  • 225/45ZR18 95W XL
  • 225/50R17 94V
  • 225/55R16 95V
  • 225/60R16 98V
  • 235/40ZR18 95W XL
  • 235/45ZR17 94W
  • 235/55R18 100V
  • 245/40ZR18 97W XL