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Direzza D87RW

Dunlop Motorsport Direzza D87RW

DUNLOP Rally Tyres are considered by many to be the best available, having won National and State Rally Championships on many occasions. Once again Dunlop tyres have won the Victorian Championship.
DZ87RW: This is our newest forest tyre, being an evolution of the DZ87R.

Also available are DUNLOP Rally Tubes, which are high quality tubes, made only from natural rubber with metal valve stem and fittings.

Dunlop Motorsport Direzza D87RW

Rim Diameter
Size Section Width
Outer Diameter
Rim Widths
 15 195/65R15 201 646 5.5-7.0
15 205/65R15 216 647 5.5 - 7.5