Stuckey Tyres, Racing since 1972

Stuckey Tyres, Racing since 1972

July 2016

Author: STUCKERN/Tuesday, July 26, 2016/Categories: News

The operation has changed over the years, but the emphasis on supplying the best tyres has not. 2015 saw the addition of both Michelin Vintage Tyres and Avon Motorsport Tyres.
“We have been expanding our specialist tyre range for a few years” said general manager Russell Stuckey, “but being awarded the Michelin Vintage Tyre agency in April was the icing on the cake. We now have a range of quality tyres to suit most Marques from current day back to the 1920’s, and these include competition use as well as for normal road use” he added.
Later in the year Stuckey Tyre Service was awarded the Avon Motorsport Tyre agency, which includes slicks and treaded tyres for both modern and historic racing classes. “The modern Avon facility at Melksham UK was established in 1981 as a specialist producer of motorsport tyres and has now a wide range of tyres to suit many specialist categories of racing” added Russell. “Our current range includes road legal race tyres, slicks in both bias and radial construction, as well as treaded tyres for historic race cars.”
But Stuckey Tyre Service has not deserted its fundamental commitment to Dunlop Motorsport, with new tyres and categories to support, including Toyota’s new 86 Racing Series beginning in 2016.

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