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Michelin Classic TB15 

At the end of the 60's, Michelin developed the first radial tyre specifically designed for road racing: the TA. With its wide tread and light but strong construction, it transformed the rally cars' behaviour on dry and wet roads. The TA complimented perfectly their reinforced chassis and more rigid suspension systems offering maximum performance.

A few years later the TB followed the TA with an improved structure. It was offered with several compounds and treads, dependent on the temperature and road conditions. Today, with the progress of automotive technology, a specialised tyre has become a must for the sports car driver.

The best compromise between race and various road conditions is without any doubt the TB15 tyre in its new intermediate compound. Back with a new advantage; today the TB15 is road legal. Now available 23/62-15, 26/61-15 and 29/61-15.

Michelin Classic TB15 

RA-175/60R13, RA-225/45R13, RA-170/65R15, RA-215/55R15, RA-270/45R15, RA-295/40R15, RA-335/35R15,
16/53-13 Michelin TB15 5 -6.5 175/60R13 537
20/53-13 Michelin TB15 7 - 8.5 225/45R13 533
15/60-15 Michelin TB15 5 - 6.5 170/65R15 600
18/60-15 Michelin TB15 6 - 7.5 215/55R15 614
23/62-15 Michelin TB15 8.0 - 10 270/45R15 626
26/61-15 Michelin TB15 10 - 11.5 295/40R15 615
29/61-15 Michelin TB15 Nov-13 335/35R15 620